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 Becoming an Accredited Productivity Professional

Productivity is central to our lives, particularly our working life. Everyone must be equipped to improve productivity in their role. The IMS provides the UK's only structured programme to manage productivity as a process, through a challenging mindset.

The Institutes "IMS Productivity Analyst" qualification provides you with this capability.  IMS accredit our Education Providers to deliver the programme leading to either or both, 'IMS Measurement Practitioner' or 'IMS Productivity Analyst.

Our accreditation process is rigorous thereby ensuring high standards of professionalism, a modern structured approach to productivity improvement and the development of a challenging mindset.

The successful route to this qualification is to:

  • Enrol as a member of the IMS - mandatory as 5 year Affiliate (usually through course provider)
  • Enrol onto the course with the provider
  • Earn the required 60 accreditation points by studying the modules in the Productivity Services:
  • Critical Review Methodology, 15 points
  • Process Quantification, 15 points
  • People and Implementation Skills, 15 points
  • Productivity Toolkit, 15 points

Any revisions or updating to this list will be detailed in subsequent editions of the Institute's journal and updated on this website.

If you would like to see the Institutes full Membership and Examination Regulations please find them below.

Download the IMS Membership and Examination Regulations.

(This will download a PDF file that you can print out)

If you would like to apply to become an Approved Education Provider please contact our Head Office for further information and an application form.

Contact: admin@ims-productivity.com