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Who are we?

The Institute of Management Services (IMS) is the primary body in the UK concerned with the promotion, practice and development of the range of methodologies and techniques for the improvement of productivity and quality, known collectively as “Management Services”.

This embraces the disciplines of industrial engineering, work study organisation and methods, continuous improvement, Lean and quality, which can be applied in every business sector.

For the comprehensive range of disciplines that are included within the management services body of knowledge click here.

The Institute, formed in 1941, is the qualifying body for the management services and industrial engineering professions, attracting members from across the world.  Members of the IMS are qualified by examinations conducted through the Institute, following training by independent, authorised training providers.

What Do Our Members Do?

Institute members work in many different fields, investigating, advising and carrying out solutions to organisational problems. They are consulted on problems of resource allocation and utilisation and measure the effectiveness of organisations, systems, methods and procedures. They are actively involved with designing and installing integrated systems of materials, equipment, people, information and energy to achieve maximum effectiveness. The use of information technology is now an integral part of management services practice.

The particular management services skills of measurement, analysis, planning and implementation make our members the natural agents of change and in particular they are ideally suited to play a key role in total quality management systems.

Using Management Services

The breadth of the management services field means that you can find professionals with the appropriate mix of skills and abilities to help with your particular problems. Use IMS members to help you to plan change, find solutions to problems, carry out investigations into any facet of your operations which can improve your productivity and profitability.

IMS members can maintain all your systems of management control and see that these systems are founded on correct and pertinent data rather than guesses or estimates. Today's management services professional can command a range of skills and techniques as wide as any. The profession has a great deal more to offer than just the traditional activities of time study and labour bonus schemes, although these still have their place.

You can use management services people to disseminate their problem solving and fact finding skills among your staff by example and training. Using the unique skills of management services properly will make the best use of your resources and maintain your competitiveness.

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